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Exciting news! My work now features in a YouTube music video by Daniel Licht with animation by Emma Johnson.

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Oh dear! 2020 has not turned out as expected!

The Craft in Focus event at Hever Castle, Kent was the only 'actual' event that took place, thanks to some brilliant organisation by Craft in Focus!

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I am a member of the Craft Potters Association.


I am an active member of Anglian Potters

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Covid-19 Update

It's a great shame that most events for this year have been cancelled. However, beating this pandemic is far more important. In the meantime, I pleased to say that Anglian Potters are having an online virtual event. Each potter will have six pieces of work for sale through Anglian Potters I will also be represented in the Craft in Focus online virtual Celebrating Ceramics Event.

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Next event!

Anglian Potters Online Christmas Event!  

20th November - 18th December 2020

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